What we do

Some people are passionate about art, for others it’s music… but for us, for us it’s anything with an engine. If you can drive it, we like it!

Sixty8 Adventure create bespoke road trip experiences for our fellow automotive enthusiasts. If you have a super car/ hyper car/ classic car but you don’t know where to drive it, then you’re in the right place.

Each year we have 2 road trips that allow our guests to simultaneously experience both the true power of the 4-wheels they drive and the true beauty of the natural world.

Our first road trip of the year takes place across the Scandinavian countries, this is known as the Atlantic Road Trip. Our second road trip takes place somewhere across Europe and is know as Run 2 The Sun. And every year there’s a brand-new landscape to explore!

Both events feature epic scenery and the best driving roads, local food, luxury hotels and a group of like-minded car enthusiasts. We like to keep our events small to add to the personal touch and so that everyone gets a chance to meet across the week. The friendships forged between our guests last a lifetime and this is the reason we continue to craft new events. We love to reunite the family we have created over the years and each year it grows in strength and numbers.

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our family has to say!