Our History

It all began back in 2016. After taking part in the Gumball 3000 rally the previous year, I was approached by some friends I had made on the trip who said they would like to come and see Norway. They asked if I would like to make a route and show them around our beautiful country. Of course, I said yes! We thought we would just be 4-5 cars… but we ended up being 18 cars and we couldn’t get any more hotel rooms!

The trip was a great success and it led us to realize that we enjoy creating something outside of the norm, something that you cannot do every day and something that brings joy to people.

So Atlantic Road trip was born…

We wanted to bring beautiful, engineered, man-made cars into beautiful, natural untouched landscapes. We wanted to create something truly unique and show off some of the most dramatic nature the natural world has to offer. We live in the wildest and most scenic part of the world. Formed by rough weather and even rougher people over harsh decades. We have carved our path in rocks and lived off the land and sea that has provided us with great goods. And it is perhaps a place you would not explore the back roads on your own, but we have the passion to sit behind the wheel and drive with you! Atlantic Road Trip features the very best roads and scenery that Scandinavia has to offer.

We soon recognized however, that there are so many beautiful natural landscapes across the world to explore. And being the type of people that always strive to do more we decided to add another road trip to our calendar. So, our road trip, Run 2 The Sun was born. The same beautiful cars in a different kind of scenery.

With more trips, more logos and each new expansion of our team it seemed fitting to create a brand name that people could easily recognize. So, this year 2021 we rebranded from Atlantic Road Trip to Sixty8 Adventure, and we put the brand Atlantic Road Trip and Run To Sun under Sixty8 Adventure. This encapsulates all that has gone before, and all that there is to come in the Team68 portfolio. Under the new Sixty8 Adventures logo we will not only have our 2 rallies; Atlantic Road Trip and Run 2 the Sun… but we will also have our new adventures… of which there will be many!

Each year has got bigger and better, and our guests that come back time and time again are testament to that. We thank all those who have joined us over the years and hope to create many more special memories with you all in the years to come.

If we have our way, we will leave no road untravelled.

Havard & AJ

Road Trip History

Atlantic Road Trip 2016 - Oslo to Oslo

Atlantic Road Trip 2017 - Copenhagen to Stockholm

Atlantic Road Trip 2018 - Gothenburg to Copenhagen

Atlantic Road Trip 2019 - Oslo to Pärnu

Run To The Sun 2020 - Amsterdam to Monaco

Atlantic Road Trip 2021- Helsinki to Kristiansand